Our organisation

Our organisation

In a constantly changing customer needs, Reatil & SSC in Comptoir des Cotonniers collaborate together and are adding new values to our customers.

Retail career

Area manager

Area Managers manage over 10 stores across a given region. The Area Manager must have the ability to review Store Manager strategy and add value, based on their high level of expertise and experience in the Retail sector.

Store manager

Store Managers manage several members of staff and devise sales strategy in order to maximize customer satisfaction in stores. (This is our core competency). Sales staff also provide high quality customer service to our customers by collaborating with the Store Manager and head office.

Senior Sales Assistant

Our Sales Team have to know everything about the latest trends, and the technical details of each garment. They aim everyday to maximize customer satisfaction thanks to their warmful personality and their taste for challenge.



Merchandising department propose the plan how we provide the right products they really want to get in right place, at right timing, and by right amounts in order to mixmize sales & profits and cutomer satisfaction. Our team lead all the sales process from initial development to final selling out, so we take responsibility for the final judgement and result, it is worth challenging.

Marketing & PR

Marketing team understand and seek our customers well and communicate our brand & product & values to our customers via traditional marketing channel and new techecnology as well. We have Marketing team , PR team and CRM team(VIP programm) and collaborate closely each others.

Creation and Development of our Collections

The Design department draws and creates our collections. Our team of designers carries out research according to the inspirations chosen, makes sketches, and then share them to our pattern makers team. Once the prototype is finished, both our pattern makers and designers take care to reach the perfect fit and the right finishes for each product. Our team work as one team to ensure the coherence and the identity of Comptoir des Cotonniers.

Finance & Accounting

The Finance department comprises a finance planning team, an accounting team and a treasury team. In order to achieve company financial targets, the teams envisage different financial scenarios, analyze the financial impacts of these and then create future financial statements. For retail, monthly reports are provided to all stores and feedback is given from a financial point of view.

Human Resources & training

Our HR mission is to strengthen our organization & our employees, by helping to develop the business leaders of tomorrow. In order to do this, HR look out for highly talented individuals and seek to provide strong career and training opportunities. We also have a team of HR Business Partners, dedicated to our stores, so we provide optimum support to employees at both head office and on the field.

Store Development

Store development team finds the best locations to open the beautiful stores we are designing ourselves. We analyze cities, negotiate leases, draw and build modern stores, where our clients will feel comfortable everywhere in the world. Our team also provides maintenance services to all our stores in Europe with a very dynamic mindset, fully available for the needs of our stores and our customers.