Production Manager

Production Manager

Paris, France
Posted 65 days ago

Comptoir des Cotonniers, french brand created in 1995, designs collections reflecting its values anchered in french culture and craftsmanship.

Simple and elegant pieces, inspired from daily life and workwear with a hint of masculine wardrobe, adapt themselves to all occasions, remaining relevant at all times.

The quality of fabrics, the sharpness of the cuts and the attention to details are synonymous with Comptoir des Cotonniers, and will be even more going forward

Invested as a Production Manager, you will have as main missions:

•Ensure planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes.
•Develop the production schedule and supervise the production process. Ensure the production of products in accordance with deadlines and quality in compliance with the specifications of the brand.
•Guarantee the production of goods in compliance with the standards defined by the brand, the quantities determined and the budget.
•Develop sourcing to find the best products and suppliers in the world.
- Manage supplier relationships.
•Supervise the entire production process from pre-production planning to final control.
•Evaluate and plan the necessary human and material resources.
•Collaborate with teams dedicated to product design and product merchandising.
•Ensure the supervision and motivation of the teams under his/her responsibility.
•Identify the training needs of his/her team


You have...

  • Previous experience in the same industry. 
  • More than 3 years’ experience in manager position.
  • Good proficiency in English.